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Will My Criminal Record Affect My Current Charges?


During an investigation, a prosecutor is almost guaranteed to check your criminal record. If you have been convicted of criminal offenses in the past, it will likely weigh against you as your case is considered.

Many types of crimes contain harsher penalties for multiple offenses. For example, a second conviction of DUI will result in steeper fines, as well as longer periods of mandatory jail time and license suspension. The prosecution may use your criminal record to call your innocence into question.

Post-conviction alterations can keep past crimes from appearing on your criminal record; however, getting your record expunged, sealed, or dismissed does not guarantee that such charges will not be brought up by a prosecuting attorney. Still, taking any of these steps may help improve your standing going into a trial.

Contact a qualified legal representative!

The best way to combat criminal charges, in spite of prior convictions, is to hire a legal professional. As the Edmonds criminal defense attorney at Johanson Law Group, Inc., I have helped clients see their charges reduced or dismissed for more than two decades. I have the experience needed to provide effective legal guidance, and can take on your case.

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