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Juvenile Law Working in King County


In recent years, King County has made various efforts to improve its juvenile law system. Programs such as the Family and Juvenile Court Improvement Project (FJCIP) and the United for Youth initiative, have worked to this end, producing favorable results in a number of areas. While there is still much to learn about the needs of youth in the juvenile justice system, it is fair to say that their situation is continually being improved.

Differences in the Juvenile System

Many factors are responsible for contributing to the illegal activity of King County youth. Studies have revealed that nearly three quarters of those in the county's juvenile justice system have mental disorders. Additionally, large numbers of them have experienced substance abuse, educational difficulty, and child welfare. Juvenile treatment programs are working to address these issues in an effort to help these youth get back on their feet while preventing lapses.

Recent advances include the following steps:

  • United approach: Various elements of the juvenile justice system are collaborating to provide more streamlined treatment and services. Shared data and efforts have greatly improved the services provided to youth while reducing the cost of such programs.
  • Improved Drug Court programs: After going through this program, which includes substance abuse treatment and different types of therapy, most youth have a reduced chance of committing another felony.
  • Educational opportunities: Under United for Youth, the PathNet initiative has provided educational opportunities to youth in the justice system. In just two years, almost 50% of the youth involved with PathNet received a GED.

Concerned for your child?

When your child is facing prosecution under juvenile law, it can be easy to lose sight of the opportunities available to them. As an Edmonds criminal defense attorney with nearly 35 years of experience, I can provide the legal representation your child needs to seek a favorable outcome. Whether I work to defend your child against their charges or help them avoid a trial through a treatment program, I can help you obtain a desirable outcome.

Schedule a free consultation with my firm, Johanson Law Group, Inc., to learn more.

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