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  • $400,000
    Wrongful Death Claim

    Family who lost their elderly loved one who had been crossing the street in an unmarked crosswalk.

  • $150,000
    Car Accident

    Settled for policy limits for a head-on collision with a severe brain injury. PIP cut her off and we arbitrated to get her medical bills paid. Her case settled for $150,000.

  • $150,000
    Sexual Harassment

    Recovered settlement for 18 year old who was sexually harassed by the Everett School District.

  • $121,300
    Insurance Claim

    Pemco Insurance claim for a 40 year female client - $111,300 recovered, plus an additional $10, 000 towards medical bills

  • $80,000
    Denial of Insurance Claim

    Farmers was unwilling to make a settlement offer at all, there was a complete denial of liability. Farmers argued that minimal damage meant no injury, which turned into an $80,000 settlement after mediation

  • $75,000
    Pedestrian Accident

    Elderly woman who was struck by an uninsured van while at her mailbox.

  • $60,000
    Car Accident

    Man sustained a compound fracture in his middle finger as a result of a rear-end collision

  • $50,000
    Car Accident

    Settlement negotiated on behalf of husband for loss of consortium and soft tissue damage resulting from a head-on collision.

  • $50,000
    Car Accident

    Recovered policy limits annuity for a toddler whose mother was severely injured in a head-on collision.

  • $28,000
    Personal Injury Claim

    $10,000 offer from St. Paul turned into a $28,000 settlement after mediation for client.

  • Pedestrian Accident

    Settled for policy limits for a disabled 40 year old struck in a crosswalk. We were able to negotiate a special needs trust with her proceeds from the settlement.

  • Civil Victory

    Jim and Shaun won a final appeal of a University discipline case where their client’s rights had previously been trampled by a poorly run investigation and a rush to judgment. Facing tough odds and a low burden of proof for the University to meet, Jim and Shaun won an Innocent finding for their client by unanimous vote of an appeal board after a contentious hearing. The case led to scrutiny of a major University’s disciplinary procedures and the victory allowed their client to graduate with her head held high, her reputation protected, and her pleas of innocence vindicated.

  • Felony Domestic Violence - Not Guilty

    Acquittal of a felony domestic violence assault involving a husband accused of assaulting his wife. This was after a two day long Jury trial.

  • Murder - Reduced Charges

    Prior to being charged by the Prosecutor, Jim was able to negotiate his client's murder charge down to manslaughter. Ultimately, Jim's client got an excellent result with the plea negations instead of trial.

  • DUI - Dismissed

    After filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence in a DUI case, Jim was able to persuade the Judge to suppress critical evidence in the case due to vague city ordinances. The case was dismissed based on the Judge's suppression of critical evidence.

  • DUI - Reduced Charges

    Jim has been able to consistently obtain excellent plea negotiation results where clients receive negligent driving charges instead of DUI's.

  • Drug Crime - Dismissed

    In a serious drug-related case, Jim was able to suppress critical prosecution evidence that surely would have convicted Jim's client. Instead, the case resulted in dismissal.

  • Assault Charges- Dismissed

    Jim and Shaun were able to persuade the prosecution to dismiss 2 assault charges after they proved that their client had been attacked and was the real victim. They also got an accompanying civil lawsuit dismissed with hard work and the help of a mountain of evidence that they uncovered in their investigation.