• $400,000
    Wrongful Death Claim

    Family who lost their elderly loved one who had been crossing the street in an unmarked crosswalk.

  • $150,000
    Sexual Harassment

    Recovered settlement for 18 year old who was sexually harassed by the Everett School District.

  • $150,000
    Car Accident

    Settled for policy limits for a head-on collision with a severe brain injury. PIP cut her off and we arbitrated to get her medical bills paid. Her case settled for $150,000.

  • $121,300
    Insurance Claim

    Pemco Insurance claim for a 40 year female client - $111,300 recovered, plus an additional $10, 000 towards medical bills

  • $80,000
    Denial of Insurance Claim

    Farmers was unwilling to make a settlement offer at all, there was a complete denial of liability. Farmers argued that minimal damage meant no injury, which turned into an $80,000 settlement after mediation

  • $75,000
    Pedestrian Accident

    Elderly woman who was struck by an uninsured van while at her mailbox.