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What to Do Following an Arrest in Bothell

You are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty, but when you have been arrested there is a very high likelihood that you will be convicted unless you take decisive action by hiring a Bothell criminal lawyer to defend the case. When the police have decided to arrest you, they typically already believe there is enough evidence to prove that you committed the crime, and there is very little you can say or do to persuade them otherwise. Exercise your right to remain silent and make retaining legal representation your first step to take following an arrest.

At Johanson Law Group, Inc., I believe that everyone is entitled to fair treatment under law, and that you deserve to have a dedicated advocate to defend your rights. As a former prosecutor I have an edge in being able to spot weaknesses in the case against you, and will work diligently to secure the best possible outcome, whether it is a favorable plea bargain, a dismissal of the charges or a full acquittal. This may be a highly stressful experience for you and your family, but I will stand by you as the case progresses to advise you of your rights and help you navigate your way out of the criminal justice system.

Let a Former Prosecutor Defend you in Bothell, WA

With twenty-four years of experience I am fully prepared to take on any case, no matter whether you are charged with a violent crime, theft crime or sex crime or if you are under investigation for a drug crime such as sales, a white collar crime or a probation violation. I will study the case for signs that your rights may have been violated, such as in a DUI stop or arrest for possession without probable cause. It may also be possible to clear your name by arguing that there is simply not enough evidence to support a conviction. Fill out the free case evaluation form now so that I can review the situation and begin working on your case today.

There are proven criminal defense strategies for any case, from an investigation for internet crimes to charges of vehicular manslaughter, multiple DUI or a juvenile crime. Even if the police or others have told you that there is no way to fight the case, it is almost certain that you can secure a more favorable outcome by taking action now. You can dramatically improve your chances of success by refraining from speaking about the case with anyone but your attorney-call me now for a confidential consultation.

When you have been arrested and want hard hitting legal representation to help you fight the charges, contact a Bothell criminal defense lawyer from my firm for a consultation.

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  • Denial of Insurance Claim $80 Thousand
  • Insurance Claim $121.3 Thousand
  • Car Accident $60 Thousand
  • Wrongful Death Claim $400 Thousand
  • Pedestrian Accident $75 Thousand
  • Car Accident $50 Thousand
  • Car Accident $150 Thousand
  • Civil Litigation Pedestrian Accident
  • Car Accident $50 Thousand
  • Sexual Harassment $150 Thousand

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