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DUI Laws in Washington


Washington enforces strict laws against driving while under the influence (DUI). Even one offense can lead to jail time, fines, and the suspension of your license.

If an officer pulls you over under the suspicion of drinking and driving, you are required to submit to a chemical test to determine your blood alcohol content level (BAC). For any readings at or above 0.08%, you will be charged with DUI and could face a conviction. Refusal to take a chemical test will lead to an automatic fine and one year suspension of your license.

Penalties for DUI

Even one conviction of drinking and driving could have a serious impact on your life.

A first DUI offense will result in the following penalties:

  • Fines of $865.50 to $5,000
  • License suspension for 90 days to 1 year
  • Up to a year in jail
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle

Every subsequent conviction within 7 years will result in increased fines and charges. In addition, a BAC above 0.15% will also lead to harsher penalties.

An experienced lawyer can help you fight your charges and keep your license. My name is Jim Johanson, and I have successfully represented clients for more than 35 years. As an Edmonds criminal defense attorney, I can help you combat your charges and seek a favorable outcome to your case. Contact my office, Johanson Law Group, Inc., to learn more about how I can represent you.

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