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Fiat's In-Car Espresso Maker..As if Drivers Aren't Distracted Enough Already


TV host Tom Bergeron said it best in his twitter post: "nothing better than generating 200 degree liquid when texting at 80 miles per hour." He's referring to Fiat's 500L in-car espresso maker that will be introduced this October in Italy.

Fiat, in collaboration with Lavazza, the coffee company known as "the Starbucks of Italy," will be showing off the new 500L model this fall…equipped with an espresso maker! Due to the concern of the espresso machine distracting drivers, Fiat made sure to inform us that the machine can't brew coffee unless the car is stopped. In addition to the espresso machine itself, the Fiat 500L comes with a cup, storage for coffee, a sugar dispenser, and a spoon holder to ensure that you get the full in-car espresso experience.

So if coming to a complete stop at a coffee shop isn't for you, the Fiat 500L may be your vehicle of choice. You can get your sports car fix and your caffeine fix simultaneously! However, let's be realistic and remember that if you do drive that car around while enjoying your espresso, you should probably have the card of a great attorney in your purse or wallet. Just in case.

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