Edmonds Sex Crime Lawyer

Former Prosecutor for Sex Crime Violations in Edmonds, WA

If you are under investigation for a sex crime, you need aggressive legal defense to help you avoid the serious consequences you face. Despite the fact that you are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty, even the simple fact of being charged of this type of crime can have a disastrous effect on your reputation. Come to Johanson Law Group, Inc. for a confidential consultation with an Edmonds criminal lawyer with a quarter century of experience. My background as a former prosecutor gives me an edge in defending clients, as I know how to look for weaknesses in the case which can be exploited to your advantage. Let my skill and dedication to results work for you at this difficult time and obtain the legal help you need by getting in touch with an Edmonds sex crime attorney.

Fighting Sex Crime Charges in Edmonds

Depending on whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you could be facing a sentence with terms including jail or prison, fines and probation. Sexual offenses generally carry a major stigma, and prosecuting attorneys in our area will typically pursue the toughest possible sentence. It may be possible to prove your innocence by demonstrating that you have been falsely accused of an offense such as rape or child molestation, or by establishing that there is insufficient evidence to support a conviction.

One of the worst aspects of being found guilty of a sex crime is that you would most likely be required to register as a sex offender. This would lead to your photograph being posted in a searchable online database, along with your home address and a detailed description of the alleged offense, including the victim's age and specifics about the actions you are accused to have taken. All this information would be available to neighbors, potential employers or any other interested party. You can start the process of your defense now by filling out my free case evaluation form -I am ready to begin working on your case immediately.

Contact an Edmonds sex crime attorney with a quarter century of experience for dedicated defense of your rights and your future.