Probation Violation Attorney in Edmonds

Consequences of Violating the Terms of Your Probation

When you have been placed on probation following a criminal conviction, you have essentially been given a second chance to prove that you are capable of obeying the law. Unfortunately, the terms of probation are often so restrictive that they would be difficult for anyone to follow, making it easy to commit a violation. If you have been accused of breaking the terms of your probation, you are at risk of consequences ranging from a lengthened period or additional terms of probation, to the possibility of being subjected to the full sentencing available for the original offense. By taking action now to hire an Edmonds criminal defense attorney, you may be able to avoid such a negative outcome.

Edmonds Criminal Defense Attorney for Probation Violations

At Johanson Law Group, Inc., I am committed to defending the rights of the accused, and with a twenty-four year track record that includes serving as a prosecutor, I know how to get results for my clients. Contact me today for a confidential consultation to discuss the circumstances of the alleged violation, so that I can advise you of your rights and begin working on a strategy for your defense.

Many probation violations are based on simple mistakes, such as failure to make a scheduled court appearance, pay fines or appear at an appointment with your probation officer, but even in such situations it is often difficult to persuade the judge to be lenient. If your violation involved a more serious offense, such as leaving the state, drinking alcohol after a DUI conviction, using drugs after a drug crime conviction or being arrested for another crime, the matter will require careful preparation and skilled legal representation. I will investigate the situation from every angle to find the most effective way to clear your name and help you avoid the serious consequences you face. Don't risk being convicted of a probation violation-contact an Edmonds probation violation attorney from my firm to begin working on a plan to defend your freedom.