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Many conflicts arise on school grounds and among students—bullying, harassment, hazing, sexual assault, and stalking. Some of these crimes can even occur through the web and on social media outlets, allowing for a more passive form of harassment that can be just as damaging, if not more. What happens, then, if the school itself is responsible for causing harm to the student?

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Appealing University Conduct

A student or organization who has violated the university's code of conduct may be liable for punishments or sanctions under the code. The university will then make a decision and appropriate the penalties based on the situation. The most common cases may involve sexual assault, harassment, domestic violence, assault, or sexual assault, although can extend to other types of offenses.

As an Edmonds civil litigation attorney, I can represent you if you wish to appeal the university board's decision or have an appeal against the conduct of the university.

Appeals may require the following information:

  • Demonstrate that there were errors made during the initial hearing
  • The errors during the hearing had an impact on the outcome of the decision
  • The sanctions were incongruent with the type of charges involved
  • Errors in interpreting the policy caused the hearing to be unfair to the parties involved
  • Evidence not initially available during the hearing may have had a negative impact on the outcome

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