Real Estate Litigation in Edmonds

Legal Representation in Real Estate Litigation

If you or someone you love is involved in a dispute that relates to real estate, it can be a very crucial matter that needs to be handled in a proper manner. In choosing a civil litigation lawyer who can properly advocate on your behalf, knowledge, passion, and experience should all be taken into consideration. My firm deals with complex real estate matters in an effective matter with the intention of protecting my client's assets. I can help in your real estate dispute whether you are a buyer, seller or partnership that needs protection during litigation.

Real estate is a precious investment that should be safeguarded with diligent care. If it is threatened, your livelihood is threatened as well. My firm deals with all kinds of disputes such as agent commissions, construction contracts, foreclosures, management disputes, boundary disputes, rights of way, and other issues that may require proper legal guidance. I can deliver a wealth of information on these topics as I help you navigate the dispute. I am also knowledgeable on issues involving construction flaws and environmental concerns. My experience spans to property liability and protecting the tenants, both businesses and individuals, and helping them keep their obligations to the landlords. No matter what the issue, it is important to have a strong legal advocate on your side.

Your Solution to Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes could affect many different aspects of the lives of the people involved. No matter what age, social status, or sex, you have the right to protect your property. Each individual or business can benefit from the assistance of a law firm that has your best interest in mind. Rather than allowing the real estate dispute to affect your livelihood and damage the state of your property, hire Johanson Law Group, Inc. today so I can begin investing in your life and the future of your real estate.