Edmonds Professional License Hearing Lawyer

Are you facing a professional license hearing? Call my firm.

Are you at risk of losing your professional license? Get in touch with my firm, and speak with me about your situation. I am Jim Johanson, an Edmonds civil litigation attorney, and I am prepared to evaluate your situation and advise you of what actions could be taken to assist you to resolve this crucial issue. I have represented my clients at professional license hearings for over 20 years. I am a member of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Washington State Association for Justice. Let me help you during this critical time. I will give your case the consideration and attention it deserves. I will do everything legally possible to seek to ensure that the professional license hearing is resolved in your favor.

Protect Your Professional License

A client or patient may have filed a complaint that has led to an investigation, with a subsequent requirement to appear at a professional license hearing. If you lose your professional license it will have a heavy impact on your career, even when it is later reinstated. As an Edmonds civil litigation lawyer, I have extensive experience in presenting evidence at professional license hearings. I am available to represent you at a disciplinary hearing if you are being accused of malpractice, ethical or conduct violations. If you are found to be guilty at a disciplinary hearing your license may be suspended or revoked. You will also need representation at a professional license hearing if you are at risk of losing your license due to criminal charges such as DUI, fraud, or drug crimes. An Edmonds civil litigation attorney can also represent you at a reciprocity hearing. In such vital matters, you need a skilled litigator on your side, and I would like to discuss your case with you and review your situation so I can advise you.

A professional license hearing is an issue of great concern; you can be confident that you are being represented by a litigator with the ability to craft and present a powerful case for you. You cannot risk losing your license if you work in healthcare, child care, education, or in any other profession that requires licensing. Contact me today, so I can discuss your situation with you. My years of experience have proven to be of great benefit to those I serve in professional license hearings. Call today.