Liquor License Hearing Attorney in Edmonds

Legal Representation for a Liquor License Hearing

Are you being accused of violating liquor license codes? Then you need to get representation from an Edmonds civil litigation attorney immediately to help you to fight to retain your legal right to sell alcohol. I am attorney Jim Johanson and for the past 20 years I have served as a litigator in a wide range of legal matters, including liquor license hearings. I am proud to be a member of the Washington State Association for Justice and the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I have spent many years in dedicating myself to protecting my clients, and I am proud to have prevailed in many difficult cases, including liquor license hearings.

You may be seeking a liquor license for your business, or already hold a license which is now in question. I represent business owners that sell alcoholic beverages, including restaurants, bars, importers, distributors and others who are seeking a liquor license, or are at risk of losing the license due to an alleged violation. Your future ability to operate your business is at risk, and you need a top quality civil litigator on your side. There is no substitute for experience in these matters, and I urge you to contact my firm immediately for assistance.

You must have a license to sell liquor in a restaurant, café, or other establishment or you will be facing criminal charges. If you are accused of violating liquor licensing codes you can risk losing your business – along with losing your license. A distance violation can also lead to a license revocation. It is a violation to sell liquor within 1,000 feet of an elementary or secondary school, a library, a playground, any public park, a child care center, recreation center, public transit center or a game arcade where persons under age 21 are allowed admission. If you are accused of violating state liquor laws, and are facing the prospect of losing your liquor license, call me immediately. I should review your situation and determine the best course of action for you.

Prevent the Revocation of Your Liquor License

Contact me today for immediate legal representation at a liquor license hearing. I will do everything possible to prevent the suspension of your license, and to protect your business from being shut down.