Landlord/Tenant Matters

Obligations and Rights of Landlords and Tenants

Many landlord versus tenant debates could be prevented by both parties putting forth a reasonable effort to adhere to their individual responsibilities and acknowledge the rights of the other party. The tenant is responsible to pay their rent on time, care for the property, adhere to the lease agreement, and to give landlord proper advance notice if the decision is made to move out. The general obligations of the landlord is to make sure the property is livable prior to the occupant moving in, to take care of repairs due to wear and tear, to not shut off the tenant's utilities, to not discriminate in an unlawful manner, and to provide a written notice if the property is transferred to a different landlord.

If a dispute occurs because one or both parties did not hold up their end of a deal, a lawsuit often follows. A tenant may feel that their rights were not respected or a landlord sees that the tenant did not comply with the rental agreement. During a disagreement, a landlord and tenant may be able to reach a mutual agreement through the process of mediation. In severe cases, a government agency will have to get involved. In any case, you will need an experienced civil litigation attorney to represent you.

Landlord/Tenant Resolution

I have almost a quarter of a century of experience in civil litigation matters such as landlord/tenant disputes that require litigation. This experience could be used to strengthen your claim as I fight for you with all my power. I am an experienced lawyer who is well known in the courts and influential in trial. Feel free to contact Johanson Law Group, Inc. and receive a free case evaluation so we can discuss your case. Together, we can navigate the matter and will fight to obtain the best outcome.