Estate Litigation

Estate litigation consists of disputes within a family related to issues of aging, disability, and death. Johanson Law Group, Inc. is a trusted legal source for people experiencing estate litigation. My clients include heirs and beneficiaries of estates and those given the responsibility to administer an estate. Conflicts and disputes concerning wills, estates with no wills, and other probate situations are rarely ever easy to solve because the wishes of someone who has passed are either unclear or unknown.

What is estate litigation?

When people disagree about their individual rights concerning a deceased person's property, this is referred to as estate litigation, or probate. The person being fought over could either be still alive but aging or ill, or a deceased family member. There are different causes of estate litigation that include:

  • Question of the validity of a will
  • Question of the competency of the deceased
  • Question as to ownership of an asset
  • Dispute about the terms of a will
  • Dispute about intestate succession
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims

Washington's probate disputes are governed by TEDRA, the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act which helps estate litigation be resolved as soon as possible. My firm comprehensively understands TEDRA and can help you take advantage of its allowances that will make a difference in your case.

Preservation of Family Rights

An issue of probate requires sensitivity and respect because it involves more than just legal matters. Estate litigation is a dispute between family members which is why it must be handled with care. The fragility that comes with estate litigation is in place because family relations are at stake and they are at odds with one another. It also requires that the litigation be handled in a timely manner. My goal is to pursue a resolution that protects the rights of my clients while at the same time preserving the family's bond and restoring a foundation for a lasting relationship.