DOL Hearing in Edmonds

Need representation at a DOL hearing?

If you are at risk of losing your driver's license, requesting a DOL hearing can be scheduled to help you to fight the suspension. You will need representation from an Edmonds civil litigation lawyer if you hope to be successful at retaining your license. I am attorney Jim Johanson and I have over 20 years of experience in representing my clients at DOL hearings. I am a member of the Washington State Association for Justice and the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I am dedicated to my clients, and I will do everything possible to help you retain your license, and can both schedule and represent you at a DOL hearing.

A DOL hearing must be requested within 20 days of a DUI arrest. If you fail to request a DOL hearing within this time frame then you lose your right to a hearing. Your driver's license will be suspended or revoked 60 days after your arrest. The Department of Licensing can revoke or suspend your driver's license if you are charged with driving under the influence, or if you are deemed to be an habitual traffic offender. You could also lose your driver's license in cases in which an employer drug test indicated drug use, or if you are charged with committing fraud. The DOL may also find it in the best interest to suspend or revoke your license to protect the safety of others. Your driver's license could be suspended for up to 2 years, and in some cases, longer. The duration of the suspension or revocation will depend upon the circumstances of your case. If a criminal charge for a DUI offense is dismissed or was never filed, your driver's license will still be revoked or suspended by the DOL. It is extremely important that you contact me so I can schedule a DOL hearing right away.

Top Quality Representation at DOL Hearings

As an Edmonds civil litigation attorney, I can provide supporting evidence to attempt to prevent the suspension of your driver's license. If the police officer did not have a legal reason to stop you, did not correctly give you the implied consent warnings, or did not lawfully arrest you, it is often possible to expose these matters at the DOL hearing, leading to you retaining your license and your legal right to drive. You also have a better chance at keeping your driver's license if it is established that the breath or blood testing was incorrectly administered. Lab technicians may make mistakes when testing a blood sample, leading to false readings. The DOL may dismiss your case if the police report is incomplete, defective, missing information, or has errors. Contact me today so I can assist you by scheduling and representing you at a DOL hearing, with the goal of helping you retain your legal right to operate a vehicle.