What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial Litigation Explained

Conducting a business can be a very complex and stressful occupation because there are many matters that often need to be navigated. Commercial business litigation is any situation that involves a conflict regarding a business issue. A matter could arise in which there is tension between two or more businesses and one chooses to take a legal action against the other. That is referred to as commercial litigation, which is different from business law that is broader in its scope. Commercial litigation often refers to transactions that involve the sale of either services or property. In both cases, both parties have obligations to the other party and many times, the agreement is broken by one of the parties. At that point, my firm can step in to resolve the issue before it destroys the corporation.

At Johanson Law Group, Inc. I am proficient at handling commercial litigation cases. I can observe the situation and act as a mediator when a contract is being negotiated. I will also represent you in litigation if your business requires legal assistance in a commercial transaction dispute. Commercial litigation covers all business conflicts and requires a lawyer whose range of service covers anti-trust and trade litigation, corporate litigation, franchise litigation and securities litigation. My firm also oversees financial transactions and employment agreements. If you and your business are involved in any issue of commercial litigation, please do not hesitate to get the legal advisement that you need.

Types of Commercial Litigation

There are different forms that commercial litigation can take. A breach of contract or employment dispute could result when one party breaks their agreement with the other. Fraud practices, debt collection, partnership disputes, and antitrust violations are also taken care of by a lawyer whose practice covers commercial litigation. Popular types of commercial transactions that involve litigation are the sale of property and signing a lease. These and other types of complex issues are what make corporate America what it is today. Businesses rely on many agreements and operations that undoubtedly cause tension because they are important to all parties involved. Johanson Law Group, Inc. could be your answer to representation as you take on a commercial transaction or are involved in litigation. Your business can face severe damage if litigation is not properly handled. Take the necessary steps to stability and hire my firm so that I can help in your commercial litigation dilemma.