Business Litigation

Experienced Legal Representation

The purpose at Johanson Law Group, Inc. is to provide effective litigation for those involved in situations that require the assistance of a legal professional who can act as an advocate for a person's or business' rights. If your business is involved in a weighted dispute or problem that can no longer be dealt with in a regular fashion, you may require the assistance of a legal party who can knowledgeably advocate on your behalf. My firm is well prepared to do whatever it takes to resolve your case, whether that be simple mediation or litigation within a courthouse.

Types of Business Litigation

There are different types of business litigation issues that could become an issue between you and your partner, your business and an individual, or your business and another business. Breach of contract situations can occur where an agreement is broken by one or multiple parties who do not hold up their end of the contract that had been signed and established. A business tort is a similar situation that is a breach in the contract caused by a corrupt person that is not a member of the contract. My firm is also well equipped to handle difficult situations that involve business formation or dissolution, employment litigation, partnership disputes and financial issues. I have created a law firm that provides the necessary tools to put your business back to where it belongs.

Navigating Difficult Business Litigation

It is undeniable that business operations in corporate America often require effective business litigation. If you do not pursue the assistance of my firm in a timely manner, your business could be in grave danger of dissolution. If your business is involved in such a circumstance, a legal professional experienced in business litigation could be the answer to your company's solidity. At Johanson Law Group, Inc., I am prepared to protect the rights and interests of your corporation so that it may have a successful future. I am a former prosecutor who cares about your business' livelihood and will ultimately do whatever is in my power to provide expert legal counsel, which can hopefully bring about a successful resolution to your case.